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Our story

Running a business in today’s ever-changing economic landscape can be unnerving.  

We’re in the information era, overwhelmed by how we should be doing things, a constant pressure to be agile and efficient, to create value, to maximise returns, to adapt to new economic and social challenges, to encourage a loyal and successful workforce, to be sustainable.

That’s a lot of priorities when you’re already juggling the day-to-day running of your business.

To make things harder, as business owners, we need to think ahead and be prepared for whatever challenges are thrown at us – to see around corners.

What if you didn't have to disrupt the entire organisation for a one-off change? What if your entire business had a transformation and change culture and capability built-in to its core?
But where to begin?

We started The Cornerstone Advisory to help you build innovation capability into your every day using your existing people and resources, so you're never caught off guard.

But most importantly, giving you a business model that can't be easily replicated.

As a company that has helped leaders galvanise change in their businesses, we’re here to share a better way. We’re thrilled to be helping SMEs and Enterprises across the Middle East and Europe and look forward to helping yours too.


delivered by a team of experts, doers and disrupters

Zuleka Kaysan
Zuleka Kaysan
Managing Director
Innovation and Excellence
Ivan Palomino
Ivan Palomino
Culture and Behavioural Science
Rosi Bremec
Data Analytics & Culture
Noha Hefy
Communications, DEI & Social Impact


AREA 2071 is an innovation ecosystem that brings together talent, government, the private sector and other great minds to collaborate in designing and testing innovative solutions for the future.
The design-thinking based collaboration platform that lets you inspire, conceptualise and evaluate new ideas to come up with the right solutions and evolve together.
CXM UK informs the decisions of Customer Experience professionals through trustworthy research, argument-driven, and solution-based stories.
Quantive believes all companies can create a competitive impact through strategic agility, and as a result, be able to achieve their best possible.

We keep humanity at the forefront of our impact

We believe businesses can no longer ignore people and the planet. That is why, in everything we do, we do our best to make our business a force for good.

Pro bono & Subsidised advisory

We work with social organisations including charities, NGOs and social entrepreneurs (pre-funding) to help them achieve greater social impact.

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simply human

We launched the Simply Human Pledge, to stand behind values and behaviours that promote human-centricity in business.

If you would like to join the community of visionary leaders changing the business landscape, click here:

Simply Human Pledge