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Our story

Running a business in today’s ever-changing economic landscape can be unnerving.  

We’re in the information era, overwhelmed by how we should be doing things, a constant pressure to be agile and efficient, to create value, to maximise returns, to adapt to new economic and social challenges, to encourage a loyal and successful workforce, to be sustainable.

That’s a lot of priorities when you’re already juggling the day-to-day running of your business.

To make things harder, as business owners, we need to think ahead and be prepared for whatever challenges are thrown at us – to see around corners.

As leaders, we whole-heartedly believe real strength lies in confronting the reality of where you are, what you do and how you do it. Only then can you get better.
But where to begin?

We started The Cornerstone Advisory to help you regroup and succeed. To bring back the focus to what you do best, to strengthen your foundations so you can grow, to prepare you for the future and to connect your people to what matters.

As a company that has solved these problems for our own business and countless others, we’re here to share a better way. We’re thrilled to be helping start-ups and SMEs across the world and look forward to helping yours too.


Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Managing Director

With over 15 years experience in strategy execution and business excellence, Zuleka developed and led the Business Excellence function for companies with portfolios extending to $20B, and organisations that quadrupled in size in just 2 years.

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zuleka kaysan

Advisor - Data Strategy & Solutions

Expert in digital transformations with a focus on strategic alignment of data and operations, Rosi’s experience of over 25 years included a $3M information integration project of a real estate portfolio worth over $10B.

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NON-EXECUTIVE Advisory Board

Timothy Shelton
Product Strategy & Innovation
A digital enabler, change leader and board advisor, with 20+ years of experience in transformation, driving business excellence and innovation across global enterprise and major capital programmes.

Pro bono & Subsidised advisory

We work with social organisations including charities, NGOs and social entrepreneurs (pre-funding) to help them achieve greater social impact.

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Our collaborations and partnerships

We work with companies that extend and enhance our service offering.

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